Blackbox 134

Blackbox 134: Level measurement with Modbus RTU digital communications
Blackbox 134 is a compact low-cost intelligent controller that provides non-contacting level measurement. The Blackbox 134 Level Comms features two control or alarm relays and also features a RS485 Modbus port for digital communications. Blackbox 134 can be set up using Pulsar’s PC Suite and optional interface cable, which links the Blackbox RJ11 RS232 port to the PC’s serial or USB port. Blackbox units can also be set up using a hand-held programming unit.


Features: • Compact low cost intelligent controllers • Will operate on all dB transducers up to 40m (130ft) range • Solids, powders and liquids level measurement Blackbox Display Blackbox 134 is available with or without an integral display option which extends the capability of the Blackbox range, allowing users to locally program the unit and give a readout of level. Economical and simple to program and operate, users benefit from extremely accurate and reliable digital echo processing with access to the dB Transducer range, measuring 125mm (0.41ft) right through to 40m (130ft).
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