IMP Lite: Lower-cost alternative to IMP+ for level measurement

IMP Lite can be used wherever you need reliable non-contacting ultrasonic level measurement and digital echo processing means IMP Lite is perfect for slurries or liquids and anywhere you need a display telling you the level, or an analogue output to interface with your site control system or drive a display. The full IMP range is available with the wetted parts in PVDF build alternative for corrosive or aggressive applications.


Compact and low-profile

When used on battery power for intermittent (wake-up) applications, IMP Lite’s high speed boot up of circa 3 seconds maximises battery life. For example, if an IMP Lite were switched on every 15 minutes for a 3 second reading, average current is a mere 40µA.

Active and passive (sourcing and sinking) analogue outputs assist with system integration, especially when retro-fitting into older installations.


  • Level measurement
  • Sumps and tanks
  • Display requirements
  • High speed boot up requirements
  • Narrow beam angle requirements
  • Combined transducer and controller requirements

PC Suite

PC Suite is optional software that extends IMP’s capabilities, allowing you to:

  • Download, analyse and store echo profiles. A great way to see exactly what is happening in the application. Fine tuning for ultimate performance.
  • Set-up IMP. All programming parameters are instantly visible in the PC Suite programming screens. Program the IMP unit on a desktop before installation, or clone a number of IMPs to save valuable time.
  • Future-proof your IMP! Pulsar’s policy of continuous improvement means that we never stop developing our products. PC Suite allows new firmware to be installed into your
    units without even removing them from the application.
  • Flow Measurement. A flow curve may be added within PC Suiteto configure for level to flow linearisation.
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