Quantum 3

Quantum 3: Superior Pumping Station Controller
Quantum 3 is a fully-featured pump controller, using Pulsar’s unique non-contacting ultrasonic technology including DATEM digital echo discrimination to provide sophisticated level management. Quantum 3 can be programmed to provide an alarm based on the time remaining before the station or well spills over. Vital for utilities who face the risk of prosecution if a station pollutes the local environment. Quantum 3 adds the ability to interface with up to four Flow Pulse non-invasive flow monitors, so all flow-rate based alarms and control is based on measured rather than calculated flow.


Quantum 3 Features: • Can assign a Flow Pulse to either a pump, a main outlet or stand-alone measurement • 24VDC output supply capable of supplying 4 Flow Pulse units • ‘Burst and Block’ now based on real flow • Auxiliary display can now cycle through each Flow Pulse and display real flow • Totaliser sums real throughput rather than deriving from level measurement • Has universal power supply input of 22-28 VDC and 85-264 Vac • Storm detection alarm • NRV leakage alarm • Time to spill calculation • Automatically resets tripped pumps • Easy prompt led set up • RS485 Modbus and Profibus DP V0 and V1 options • Pump efficiency alarm function • Peak power tariff avoidance • This unit can also be configured using Pulsar’s PC Suite software Applications: • Pump Control • Time to spill warning requirements • Reduction in power cost requirements • Pump monitoring and control • Water and waste water
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