ATMI products

ATMI offers an extensive range:
• For drinking water meant for human consumption: ACS certified devices
• For clear water, wastewater, all kind of loaded liquids: devices in polypropylene copolymer
• For aggressive liquid mixtures (solvents, hydrocarbons, acids, etc): HR HY devices (High resistance Hypalon)
• For hazardous environments 0,1,2 for gas and 20,21,22 for dust: devices Ex, ATEX certified

Main applications for silos and conveyors
Reliable and easy to install detectors to stop the filling of grains and cereals (oat, soybean, wheat, corn etc) silos and Ex devices ATEX certified for hazardous environments 0,1,2 for gas and 20,21,22 for dust.
Special devices to detect the high level of bulk materials in all types of conveyors in the industries or in quarries.

The float regulation system conception is the base of all the devices proposed by ATMI for many years, and is the simplest, the most reliable and easiest to install at a really acceptable price, which is far from negligible. It should also be noted two important particularities:
1. The particular shape, omnidirectional shape, of most of our devices is the only way to prevent the clogging risks.
2. The adjustable ballasts on the cable permit to work in calm or agitated liquids and in liquid mixtures having diverse densities.
The very notable advantages of the ATMI float level switches doesn’t permit any comparison with the basic small floats, usually flat, often found on the market, but limited to simple applications only.

It’s also one of the reasons why ATMI exports more than 50% of its float level switches!

ATMI earn the trust of: Total, Repsol, Veolia, La Saur, La Lyonnaise des Eaux, Degremont, Kubler, Ministry of Energy of Jordan, National Gas companies, Koweit Aluminium Extrusion, Alstom, Société Wallone des eaux, Cleveland Cascades, amongst others…

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