Our Services

Inntenet has the breadth of capabilities and professional experts, to offer our clients fully integrated services. 

Our solutions are based in product quality, cost efficiency and experienced design.

We offer a complete range of industry-leading services, products and consultancy services for every step of a project:

  • Design
  • Commissioning 
  • Consulting
  • Installation
  • Project Management
  • Monitoring
  • Production
  • Operation
  • Supply
  • Training and After sales service support


Inntenet offers personalised support for public and private bodies in turning their “grass-root” project idea into a sustainable and coherently-planned project.

Based on a wide field experience and broad inside knowledge from national and international projects is endowed with all the necessary competences in making your project successful.

We can either take care of the full project integration or be an extension of your engineering design team.

In further depth, the tailor-made project design services we offer include:

  • Study and design of electromechanical installations, electrical panels, automation and telemetry systems,
  • Design and scaling of pumping units, mixers, aeration,
  • Instruments selection, scaling and set up,
  • Radio communication study, design and installation.

Software design usually involves problem solving and planning a software solution. This includes both a high-level equipment and algorithm design and a high-level, architecture design.

In Inntenet we provide everything needed to turn your ideas into high-performing applications. Our engineers have experience in a number of applications including, but not limited to:

  •          Automation and informatics system integration

  •          Communications

  •          Modelling and simulation of waste water treatment plants

  •          UHF serial, UHF Ethernet

  •          Monitoring of plant operation and troubleshooting

  •          Personalized data communication protocols.

  •         Process optimization

  •          GSM/GPRS/VPN

  •         Advanced control strategies

  •          Energy consumption balancing

  •          Asset and maintenance management

  •          GIS

  •          Automation System of Sewage Disposal in WWTP (eTECH-BTR)

  •          Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

  •         SCADA

  •          ERP interfaces

  •          Hydraulic modeling

  •          Flow mass balancing

Telemetry is an automated communications process by which measurements and other data are collected and transmitted to receiving equipment for monitoring.

With Telemetry we are able to operating in wide temperature ranges, replacing the unreliable or slow communication networks, additionally to develop and operate in harsh environments with limited energy supply and off curse the ability to deployed in a wide area of landscape.

In Inntenet we have strong expertise in private radio (analog or digital), mobile networks and microwave or Ethernet radio. Whether your requirements are for simple level monitoring or complex automated control networks for complete water/waste water systems, or other industrial applications with large corporate telemetry architecture. we are able to offer our services in implementing the right solution to minimize the cost benefit and maximize the system efficiency.

We offering constant training and assessment of appropriate technology and associated instrumentation ensures our continued understanding of the issues and developments within the Telemetry and Data Acquisition market allowing us to advise on the most suitable solution from ‘sensor to screen

  • Universal Remote Terminal Unit (Icarus)

Telemetry & SCADA Solutions in the Water Industry

Through our innovative smart water technologies and services, we help make water safe, reliable, sustainable and efficient across the entire water cycle.

Telemetry abilities & Leakage Control

  •  Constant monitoring and recording of critical parameters of water network system operation (flow, pressure, electrical consumption)
  •         Monitoring and control (pumps, valves, etc.)
  •          Prevention and on time handling of malfunctions
  •          Network operation optimization and energy consumption reduction algorithms and human resources
  •          Leak detection and water losses reduction
  •          Maintenance software of electromechanical equipment
  •          Collection and storage of relevant historical data
  •          Control of the active components of the water network system
  •          On time diagnosis and handling of breakdowns
  •         Automation of the operation of wells and pumping stations

 Telemetry & Lights and Fountains Control

  •          Lights and Fountains stand-alone operation based on automatic operation parameters and on data being collected automatically.
  •          The irrigation facilities, drilling and boosters are controlled directly from the control center. Every local process is set according to the data received from a remote station.

Telemetry & Remote Management

  •          Monitoring and control of lighting, ventilation, power supply, energy consumption, vehicle’s over height,
  •          Traffic signaling, CCTV systems, traffic measuring, call center, firefighting booster,
  •          Remote management (manually or automatically)
  •          Logging of every operation, date and hour occurred
  •          Time programming of the facilities operation
  •          Restore of operation after power outage
  •          Emergency program that after its activation, safety measures are implemented automatically.

    The installation is the vital link between Project design, customer requirements and the properly system operation.

    As system integrators we’re customer focused. That means we have broad understanding of various products. Because the products are always increasing not just in number but in complexity too.

    This requires in-depth knowledge of the market and in Inntenet we have extended experience and knowledge with all of the details from development and testing, through to the implementation and installation of the equipment or software.

    We offer Installation, Service & Support for new and existing infrastructure and can provide calibration and periodic maintenance with particular expertise in supporting leading manufacturers

    Furthermore, we providing product training’s, answer questions and also we are open for suggestions about new product developments. 

    Filed Applications

    • Measurement analysis and logging, field measurement
    • Leakage detection and location of all types of pipes
    • Sensors installations

    Customer Education

    • Training on delivered projects and systems,
    • Complete maintenance and technical support solutions,

    An after sales support is an essential service from us to our clients as a proven support to their business.

    We offer:

    • Technical Support and Maintenance services
    • Repair and upgrade existing installations services
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