AT 120


The AT 120 is a float level switch designed for intensive pump control. It can be connected directly to pumps up to 1.5 HP or through a relay if working with high power pumps. Thanks to its wide switching angle of 120º, the AT 120 float switch protects the pump’s engine and the electrical panels from jerking. This feature is highly appreciated in very agitated and turbulent liquids.



  • Clear, clean liquids, rain water, certain types of wastewater
  • Slightly aggressive liquids (oil, mud, paint, etc.) and more aggressive liquids if equipped with a HR HY cable
  • Emptying / Filling function
  • Overflow or dry-running protection
  • High / low level alarm

Technical characteristics

  • Switching angle: +/- 120º
  • Maximum pressure: 3,5 bars
  • Cut-out power: 20 (8) A (20A resistive – 8A inductive)
  • Allowed fluid density: From 0.70 to 1.15
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