HWE 55-76E HCE 60-105 – Booster Sets

Pressure booster units with self priming stainless steel pumps and automatic pump control


Booster sets – HWE 55 / HWE 71 / HWE 70-60 / HWE 76E HCE 60 / HCE 71 / HCE 105


HOMA pressure booster units are the ideal solution for water supply from wells, collection tanks, ponds etc. High performance, silent operation, easy installation, and fully automatic operation of the pump by just opening the tap are the main advantages of all HOMA booster units.



Discharge size

R1″ F”

Max. head

47,0 – 60,0 m

Max. flow

3,3 – 6,0 m³/h

Motor power P1

1,0 – 1,3 kW


Self priming centrifugal pumps with stainless steel pump housing, stainless steel or noryl (HCE 105) impellers. HCE 105: Multistage centrifugal pump. HWE 70-60: 60 l steel tank. HWE 76E: 22 l stainless steel tank.


Clear water or water containing non abrasive solids. Max. liquid temperature: 35°C


With single phase electric motor, insulation class F, motor protection IP 44. Voltage 230-240 V, 50 Hz. Speed 2900 rpm. Cable length 2 m.


Series HWE: Pump with pressure switch for automatic operation and diaphragm tank to avoid pump operation at small water quantity consumption. Series HCE: Pump with electronic pump control HPS 2. The HPS 2 operates the pump depending on water pressure and flow, including a dry running protection, which stops the pump at lack of water to prevent damages from overheating. With their high discharge pressure the Pumps are also ideal for the operation of lawn- and gardensprinklers. The facilities are also suitable for increasing pressure with an inlet pressure of max. 1 bar.

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