Designed for the toughest applications

The MUT 2300 sensors represent the state of the art of Euromag International production for water cycle and process applications. The innovative inner part of the sensor that increase considerably the liquid flow rate and the reading accuracy of sign generated to the electrodes, enables an extremely wide range of measurement.

These performances allow to measure also low flow rates precisely and repeatable, even in difficult/ problematic applications with solid parts.

This flanged sensor series bases its operation on the Faraday Principle, by which a conductor crossing a magnetic field generates an electrical potential perpendicular to the field itself. On the top and on the lower side of the stainless steel AISI 304 flow tube, two coils are installed; the magnetic field generated by the electric current crossing the coils, induces in the electrodes a potential difference proportional to the flowrate.



  • Measure of potable or reflow water
  • Distribution, municipal water
  • Industrial waste water
  • Overnight applications with very low flow rate
  • Industrial process liquids, slurries and concretes
  • Installation in small places without straight distances
  • Leakage detection
  • Fiscal measures
  • Irrigation


  • No moving parts No parts inside of the flowmeter No obstruction on the flow tube Very low pressure loss (below
  • 1 m/s is irrelevant) Long lasting stability and precision, no filter needed, zero maintenance No periodic cleaning
  • Accurate measure at high flow rate (firefighting systems) and at low flow rates (overnight flow rates) Extremely sturdy structure,
  • a dedicated robot welds all the parts, internal parts protected by a bi-component resin in order to increase protection from external
  • agents Ideal for pit installations even for permanent immersion in water or buried installations Bi-directional measure
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