Sensor MUT 1222


A COST EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE TO FULL-BORE METERS EUROMAG INTERNATIONAL presents the new MUT1222 electromagnetic insertion flowmeter in three different sizes(small, medium and large) suitable to use in pipe size from DN 50 to 2600. Delivering highly accurate bi-directional measurement for water distribution and raw water pipelines, it is robust and it has no moving parts, this allows to be reliable and suitable to measure a wide range of flows. The MUT1222 can be used as a portable or a dedicated / permanent instrument; with its “hop tapping” application it is very easy and quick to install with no need to stop the flow under full working pressure conditions. It is an alternative solution to full bore metering and with its compact size allows installation on small pipes, providing water monitoring in applications considered impossible.



  • Water network management
  • Leakage control
  • District metering
  • Flow surveys
  • Flow profiling
  • Checking on-site flowmeters
  • Data capture reporting and analysis

Reference standards

  • Atex – IECEx (separate version)
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