Sensor MUT 500


EUROMAG INTERNATIONAL MUT500 series are the most suitable for the measurement of small flow rates of liquids electrically conductive, for temperatures up to 160°C. They cover all diameters from DN 3 to DN 20 as shown in Table 1. The degree of protection is IP 68, for a 1.5 m permanent immersion in water. The flow tube is made in PTFE. The coils for the generation of the magnetic field are mounted on the external part of the flow tube, all enclosed in the stainless steel sensor body. Two measurement electrodes are placed at diametrically opposite points of the flow tube.



  • Pharmaceutic
  • Chemicals
  • Jams
  • Chlorination

Reference standards

  • PTFE conform to WRAS, FDA and DPR 777/82 and DM 21/09/773 approvals
  • IP 68 up to 1,5 m c.o.w.
  • CE
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