Smart Agriculture Xtreme

Smart Agriculture Xtreme | Plug&Sense! is an improvement of our Agriculture line with a new selection of high-end professional sensors. It enables monitoring of multiple environmental parameters in a wide range of applications, from plant crop analysis to weather observation.

Available Sensors:

  • Non-contact surface temperature measurement SI-411
  • Leaf and flower bud temperature SF-421
  • Soil oxygen level SO-411 and SO-421
  • Solar radiation (shortwave, PAR and UV): SP-510, SQ-100x and SU-202
  • Air temperature, humidity and pressure
  • Volumetric water content and soil temperature TEROS 11
  • Conductivity, water content and soil temperature TEROS 12
  • Soil water potential TEROS 21
  • Soil water potential MPS-6
  • Vapor pressure, humidity, temperature and air pressure sensor probe (Meter ATMOS 14)
  • Leaf wetness Phytos 31
  • Trunk, stem and fruit diameter: DC3, DD-S and DF
  • Advanced Weather Stations
  • Luminosity (Luxes Accuracy)
  • Ultrasound (distance measurement)
  • 4-20 mA type (generic input)
  • RS-232 type (generic input)
  • Datasol MET (photovoltaic uses)
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