TP 53 – Submersible pumps for drainage water and sewage

Submersible pumps for drainage water and sewage – TP 53


Homa TP 50 series pumps are suitable for pumping drainage water or waste water. With 50 mm spherical clearance they are able to pump liquids with larger suspended solids like fibres, textiles etc. They are used for various applications in public and private sector, trade and industry.


Transportable or permanent. Models with float switch control for automatic pump operation, depending on liquid level in the sump.


Motor housing, Impeller, pump housing (Gast iron EN-GJL-250) Rotor shaft, screws (Stainless steel) Mechanical seal (Siliziumkarbid) Seal kit (NBR)


Clear water and drainage water, sewage containing soft solids. Max. liquid temperature: 40°C short term up to 60°C.


Fully submersible, pressure tight electric motor. Insulation class H. Degree of protection IP 68. Thermal sensors embedded in the winding on request (standard with TP53M50, TP53M12/2W, TP53M17/2W, TP53V50, TP53V17/2W and model Ex.).


For optimum adaptation to the pump medium and operating conditions.
1. ENCLOSED SINGLE-CHANNEL IMPELLER For dirty and muddy fluids with solid and long-fibre fractions.
2. VORTEX IMPELLER For coarse and fibrous polluted, braid-forming and gaseous media.
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