450U-E Wireless Ethernet Modem

The ELPRO 450U-E Wireless Ethernet Modem is a robust, licensed and license-free wireless transceiver capable of ultra long-range communications. Operating at 360–512 MHz, and up to 5.0W RF power, the ELPRO 450U-E is optimized for throughputs of up to 19.2 kbps, which provides robust and secure two-way wireless communications in extremely challenging outdoor environments over obstructed paths typical of remote monitoring and control applications.
Capable of operating in access point client configuration, functioning as a network bridge/router, or serving as a serial server (RS-232/ RS-485), the ELPRO 450U-E uses over-the-air data compression to ensure maximum throughput. Integrated Modbus® server capability allows seamless integration with smart sensors, RTUs, or I/O expansion through the use of ELPRO 115S expansion modules.


Applications – Remote wellhead monitoring – Pipeline leak detection – PLC networks – Environmental monitoring – Water treatment facilities – Mining operations infrastructure – Tank farm monitoring Features – 360–512 MHz frequency licensed and unlicensed options – 10 mW to 5W RF power – Radio data rates from 4800 bps to 19.2 kbps – 12.5 kHz and 25.0 kHz channel bandwidth options – Access point/client and bridge/router configuration – Deterministic AP-to-AP multi-repeater (WDS) – 10/100Base-T Ethernet port – Spanning tree (self-healing) support – MAC and IP address filtering – Analog input, digital I/O, and RS-232/RS-485 serial – Design for industrial, high-noise environments – Over-the-air network diagnostics and configuration – VLAN tagging supported for bridging and routing modes – Network management capabilities
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