50 Hz Sanistar – Sewage Disposal Units

Compact sewage disposal units with integrated swing check valve, single or twin pump station


Sewage disposal units – Sanistar


HOMA Sanistar are compact sewage disposal units. They are suitable for pumping sewage and waste water from toilets, hand basins, showers and rooms which are below the sewer level. Even if there is a natural fall, if the sewer is flooded, the sewage is unable to drain. In this case, Sanistar will prevent a back up and flooding of the room. HOMA Sanistar are the ideal solution for new constructions or renovation of old constructions. They are used for applications in:

  • Detached houses
  • basement rooms
  • sanitary facilities in cellar rooms
  • sanitary facilities in restaurants, hotels, cinemas, theatres, shopping centres, schools and hospitals



Spherical clearance

Max. flow

45 mm

32,0 – 47,9 m³/h

Discharge size

Motor power P1

DN 80 / DN 100

1,5 – 3,0 kW

Max. head

Motor power P2

8,0 – 15,5 m

1,1 – 2,1 kW


Collecting tank with pump housing (Polyethylene) Impeller, pump flange (Cast iron EN-GJL-250) Rotor shaft, screws (Stainless steel) Seal kit (Perbonane)


Clear water or drainage water, waste water or sewage containing soft solids. Max. liquid temperature: 35°C, short term up to 60°C.


Fully submersible, pressure tight electric motor, 1Ph or 3Ph. Thermal sensors embedded in the winding. Insulation class H. Degree of protection IP 68. Stainless steel rotor shaft, prelubricated bearings.


Odour and gas tight plastic collecting tank. Inlets:

  • DN 100 horizontal, 180 mm height
  • DN 100 horizontal, 250 mm height
  • DN 100 vertical
  • DN 150 horizontal und vertical
  • DN 40 vertical


Impeller of the Sanistar series.

For optimum adaptation to the pump medium and operating conditions.


For coarse and fibrous polluted, braid-forming and gaseous media.

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