CV(X) – Stainless steel sewage pumps


Pumping of domestic, municipal and industrial effluent and waste water, sewage, sludge and liquid chemicals containing a high level of impurities or fibrous matter. Especially for liquids containing gas.


Single-stage submersible pumps in close-coupled design for permanent or transportable usage.


Motor housing (Stainless steel 1.4436) Pump housing (Stainless steel 1.4408Stainless steel 1.4517) Impeller (Stainless steel 1.4408 or Stainless steel 1.4517) Motor shaft (Stainless steel 1.4462) Bolts (Stainless steel) Elastomeres (FPM, Viton) Cable jacket (Polyolefine) Mechanical seal on medium side (SiC / SiC, Viton) Mechanical seal on motor side (SiC / SiC, Viton) Upper Bearing (Deep Groove Ball Bearing) Lower Bearing (Two angular ball bearings)


Max. medium temperature: 40 °C, short term up to 60 °C.


Electric motors, with 2-pole motor speed. Insulation class H, degree of protection IP 68. Thermal sensors embedded in the stator winding protect the motor from overheating. PTC sensors on request. SHAFT/BEARING Large diameter stainless steel rotor shaft, pre-lubricated bearings. SEALS Two independently working silicon-carbide mechanical seals in tandem-arrangement. Oil-filled seal chamber with possibility of control by the inspection screw.


Robust pump unit completely made from stainless steel suitable also for corrosive liquids. Construction made from premium components as well as standard equipped with protection devices to guarantee extended life time and high grade of reliability.


For optimum adaptation to the pump medium and operating conditions.
1. VORTEX IMPELLER For coarse and fibrous polluted, braid-forming and gaseous media.
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