V(X) – Submersible pumps for sewage and effluent


Pump is suitable for pumping sewage, effluents, sludge, surface water, liquids containing a high level of impurities or fibrous matter and liquids containing gas.


Single-stage submersible pumps in close-coupled design for permanent or transportable usage.


Motor housing (Grey cast iron EN-GJL-250) Pump housing (Grey cast iron EN-GJL-250) Impeller (Grey cast iron EN-GJL-250) Motor shaft (Stainless steel 1.4104) Bolts (Stainless steel) Elastomeres (Nitrile Rubber) Mechanical seal on medium side (SiC / SiC) Mechanical seal on motor side (SiC / SiC) Upper Bearing (Deep Groove Ball Bearing) Lower Bearing (Two angular ball bearings)


Max. medium temperature: 40 °C, short term up to 60 °C.


Three phase electric motor with 2-, 4-, or 6-pole winding. Insulation class H (180 C), Protection IP 68.


Large diameter stainless steel rotor shaft, pre-lubricated bearings. SEALS Two independently working silicon-carbide mechanical seals in tandem-arrangement. Oil-filled seal chamber with possibility of control by the inspection screw.


For optimum adaptation to the pump medium and operating conditions.
1. VORTEX IMPELLER For coarse and fibrous polluted, braid-forming and gaseous media.
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