115S Serial Expansion IO for Modbus or WIB-net Applications

I/O for Expanding Applications

The ELPRO 115S series allows end users to readily accommodate changing I/O needs as project specifications evolve. The 115S series can be used with ELPRO transceiver-based I/O, Gateway, Ethernet and Serial products to expand input and output count or act as Modbus slave I/O to connect other field devices. Connected via RS485 and communicating ELPRO WIBNetTM or Modbus protocols, the 115S series is available in three versions of I/O count and multiple 115S products may be daisy-chained to accommodate changing application needs.



  • Water and wastewater systems
  • Oil and gas production and distribution
  • Pipeline monitoring and leak detection
  • Mining operations infrastructure


  • Modbus RTU and TCP support
  • Serial client/server/multicast Modbus TCP to RTU gateway
  • Configurable digital, pulse, and analog I/O to 14‑bit resolution
  • Gather-scatter and block mapping
  • 10/100BaseT IEEE 802.3 Ethernet
  • Network diagnostics and configuration
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