455U-D Wireless Serial Data Modem

ELPRO wireless serial modems allow RS232 and/or RS485 serial host devices to communicate transparently. Messages are routed between devices as broadcast (simultaneous transmission of same message) or controlled mode (i.e., specific unit addressing).


455U-D has three available models in terms of functionality:

  • Bell 202 or V23 functionality (455U-B).
  • 405U-D end of life compatibility mode (455U-C).
  • Full functionality RS232/485 modem, addressed/broadcast modes/ Optimal Path Routing for Modbus RTU, DF1 and DNP-3 (455U-D).


  • Data logger communications
  • Agriculture sprayer control
  • Water/ waste water systems
  • SCADA networks
  • PLC networks
  • Oil and gas station monitoring
  • Weather station reporting
  • Factory vehicle tracking
  • Irrigation control


  • Licensed/license-free radio channels, suitable for most countries
  • (60, 150, 220, 360–512 MHz, up to 5W RF power option availability)
  • Wireless data rates up to 19.2 kbps
  • Separate RS-232 and RS-485 ports
  • Diagnostics and configuration via independent RS-232 port
  • Remote configuration via wireless channel
  • 128-bit AES security encryption
  • Configurable, high-redundancy design well suited for repeater networking
  • Wireless diagnostics via network management system
  • Protocol-optimized modes for greater efficiency
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