Building Management System

Building Management System: A PcVue Solutions at the center of the Smart Building and SmartCities opportunities

To avoid the proliferation of systems and applications that meet the needs of performance, savings, energy optimization and building maintenance, PcVue Solutions converge the objectives of stakeholders through a common system of centralized supervision.

The design of a Smart Building Ready application, allow users to be involved in reducing the environmental impact through the quality of information transmitted automatically via Smart mobile applications.

To address the critical issues of the coming years, the historical data analysis capability and real-time events of PcVue Solutions will help contribute to the maintenance of user comfort and improved performance while ensuring compliance costs and regulatory compliance.


By its ability to interface with heterogeneous systems, PcVue Solutions ensures interoperability between disparate technical aspects with one simple application, easy to implement and maintain through its modeling tools.
  • Ensure the comfort of occupants with an efficient and effective operation
  • Ensuring system availability and operational maintenance while controlling operating costs
  • Optimize the return on investment while ensuring regulatory complianceDOWNLOAD Enterprise Historian presentation


  • Manage one or several buildings in a centralized and cohesive manner
  • Ensure occupants’ comfort and safety in all circumstances
  • Guarantee proper functioning and durability through efficient maintenance
  • Optimize the return on investment while ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Run an open and scalable system that adapts to changes at lower cost
  • Connect all BMS components (Technical Management, Billing, CMMS, Occupancy…)


  • Monitoring solutions for all technical aspects of the building
  • Intuitive graphical interface for monitoring and control of facilities, locally or remotely
  • Monitoring and analysis of real-time performance
  • Native support for standard protocols BACnet™ , LonWorks™, KNX, Modbus®, SNMP, OPC…
  • Optimized management of alarms and events
  • Data archiving locally or in the cloud in DSaaS mode
  • Advanced data analysis
  • Single development platform featuring an intuitive configuration environment
  • Assured interoperability with all building management services
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