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Mobility Solutions: SnapVue – Contextual mobile HMI with proximity services
SnapVue is a mobile application which allows the presentation of information and controls in the context of role and place. It is part of the mobility infrastructure specifically designed for a contextual awareness SCADA system.


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Using GPS coordinates or IPS (Indoor Positioning System) geo-tags detected nearby, the SnapVue app. provides a dynamic HMI that changes as the worker moves through workplace zones automatically adjusting for job responsibility. In a plant scenario, such a system is aware which floor a worker is on and automatically sends the status and controls of equipment in that worker’s proximity. It is a very pro-active approach that is recognized to improve the efficiency of commissioning, operation and maintenance of automation systems. Many benefits are realized with the mobility infrastructure and the SnapVue app. These include benefits to all users and benefits specific to certain worker responsibilities. There is also benefit to the entire organization in safety, security, comfort and efficiency. • Indoor/Outdoor geolocation using IPS (Bluetooth LE Beacons, QRCode, NFC, Wifi) and GPS • Automatic contextual information & controls o Graphical HMI on mobile device o Real time values display & conrol o Alarms & events management o Trends visualization o Access to arbitrary local or non-local resources: audio, video, user-manuals,documents in general etc. o Attach a text or voice message to a location. o Open a chat-channel with the control room or other mobile users. o Asset Tracking • Object-oriented & user friendly configuration interface to reduce deployment time.
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