Oil & Gas

There are numerous critical challenges in the Oil & Gas industry, relying on accurate real time and reliable data visualization and recording. From drilling, safety system, pipeline, gas detection, metering application, storage, to corporate office data feedback, PcVue Solutions helps you manage your operations and assets in a better and safer way.

ARC Informatique can offer remote monitoring of the facilities over a large geographical area. The animated 3D mimic capability can also help operators locate easily defective devices. Using PcVue will greatly improve the reliability and safety of your installations by providing the right data to the right people at the right time. By continuously monitoring your assets and recording events and alarms it can automatically schedule or alert for necessary preventive maintenance intervention.

The data recorded for metering and product transferred can be recorded easily and referred to as a time stamped official transaction document and customized regulatory reporting can be used as contractual paper work.

PcVue Solutions provides high availability monitoring and control system with the lowest total cost of ownership thanks to its award winning object oriented development using templates, wizards, smart generators, and data import tools greatly reducing the engineering time and deployment.

PcVeu strengths in Oil & Gas:

  • Built-in time stamped protocol – data discrimination and event tracking. Time stamping at source
  • Redundant architectures for high availability systems, data acquisition and backup
  • SIL2, SIL 3 project references
  • Archiving and reporting (via SQL Server) for diagnosis and metering application product transfer comparison
  • Event management for real time and historical data
  • 3D Mimics for easy “real life” Equipment location
  • Network behaviour simulation
  • Monitoring and running standby supplies
  • Web Access for remote monitoring of assets

PcVue project references:

  • Production: Sonangol (Angola) – Sonatrach (Algeria) – Total Balikpapan (Indonesia) – PTT Rayong (Thailand) – Tengiz Chevroil (Kazakhstan) – Ourhoud (Algeria)…
  • Pipeline & Metering: Botas (Turkey) – Trapil (France) – Gomel Transneft (Bielorussia) – Total GrandPuits Depot (France)…
  • Storage: KOC GC24 (Kuwait) – Shiraz & Bandar Imam Tank Management (Iran) – Total CLOV FPSO (Angola)
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