Water & Wastewater Utilities

An important goal for many countries is to install remote monitoring and control of water supplies and waste water treatment facilities over large areas. The gathering, treatment and distribution system for an urban water and wastewater treatment and monitoring system typically covers hundreds or thousands of square miles. Water levels may need to be monitored remotely and it requires a highly efficient and available system.

Thanks to our experience, the products and solutions of PcVue Solutions suite can be scaled to fit any size of water treatment facility or combination of utilities. The proven ability to operate over large networks with different types of communications gives us an advantageous position.

ARC Informatique is proud to provide solutions that ensure continuous monitoring and control of plant operations such as waste water collection systems, water distribution systems, pumping stations, water irrigation systems, remote operations and more. Our solutions guarantee the highest levels of service and support to provide you with an outstanding return on investment.

PcVue strengths in Water & Wastewater Utilities:

  • Solutions for purification plants for drinking water and for waste water
  • Automatic data archiving and reporting
  • Automatic generation of balance sheets and reports for regulatory compliance
  • Audio alarm notification system, GSM, Email, SMS etc.
  • High availability architecture to sustain continuous service
  • Alarm and analysis system compliant with quality control
  • Flexible system architecture (single station, client/server)
  • Secure remote access via Web Client: maintenance, call schedule, owner, local groups etc.
  • Incoming call management
  • Powerful trending features
  • Archiving and reporting (SQL Server)
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