FrontVue – Human Machine Interface

FrontVue is a client GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Microsoft Windows. It provides everything you need to design and display comprehensive animated graphics of your process. At run time, the real-time information is collected from an OPC server or several OPC servers. A wide range of OPC servers is available from PLC manufacturers and specialist suppliers.


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FrontVueFrontVue applications are developed as a set of linked, interactive windows to provide menus, process mimics, status pages etc. Each window can contain ActiveX controls, Java Beans and native FrontVue drawing elements in 2D or 3D. Properties of the variables and of the drawing elements can also be managed with built-in Microsoft VBA. Since the run-time and development environments are integrated, changes can be made to the application online without the need to recompile or restart. End users and system integrators can use FrontVue as an off-the-shelf product or as a thin client to a PcVue application. OEMs can badge FrontVue so as to include it in their offer or to integrate it with existing software to quickly provide a modern graphical interface.
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