TouchVue – Alarm and Event Notification Services –
A basic interactive mobile interface


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It is possible to access data from a PcVue project from a tablet or smartphone using the TouchVue mobile application for PcVue. TouchVue is an application displaying information and enabling actions on variables provided by the mobile server of PcVue. The variables displayed are those whose level of navigation corresponds to the configuration of the TouchVue user profile. TouchVue runs on the Android operating system (2.2 or higher), Windows Mobile and iOS[1], it also works in a web browser on any SmartPhone. This application offers the following notification and control services: • Notifications of alarms in real-time • Access to real-time alarm list • Alarm acknowledgment • Access to the list of archived events • View real-time data trending and archived • View real-time values • Sending commands and instruction The implementation of this solution is done simply and without specific development. A simple setting made via check boxes in the PcVue project allows to define what type of data will be available on mobile. In addition, access to data and the level of visibility and control of these depend on the user profile and the rights associated with it in the PcVue project.
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