Energy Management System

Energy Management System: A PcVue Solutions at the center of the Smart Building and SmartCities opportunities

To avoid the proliferation of systems and applications that meet the needs of performance, savings, energy optimization and building maintenance, PcVue Solutions converge the objectives of stakeholders through a common system of centralized supervision.

The electrical power industry produces and delivers electric power (electric energy). Demand for electricity is derived from the requirement for electricity to operate domestic appliances, office equipment, industrial machinery and domestic and commercial lighting, heating, cooling and industrial processes. In that context, public supply of electrical power is viewed as part of the infrastructure. The basic requirements of the electrical power industry are an efficient power distribution system and reduced downtime.


ARC Informatique offers solutions that efficiently monitor and control power generation systems remotely. We support higher-quality service, improved productivity, reduced downtime and reduced operating expenses.

PcVue Solutions can monitor and control any kind of plant for power generation and distribution, from simple generators to large-scale transmission lines. The electrical power industry is expanding into renewable energy sources. Modern interest in development of renewable energy is linked to concern about greenhouse gases from fossil fuels and about the environmental, social and political risks of continuing use of those fossil fuels and nuclear energy. This constant evolution of the electrical power industry requires efficient and reliable systems and for this reason software for SCADA, HMI and automation is playing an increasingly important role in this sector.


  • Monitor and control any kind of power systems
  • Connect heterogeneous and distributed assets
  • Centralize data for post-mortem analysis, dispatching and reporting
  • Save time and cost with a flexible and scalable open platform that adapts to system changes
  • Take advantage of the latest mobile technologies


  • A single platform to develop your application
  • Built-in support for IEC 61850 client (DNV KEMA certified), IEC 61400-25 client, IEC 60870-5-104 client, DNP3 client
  • Built-in support for IEC 60870-5-104 outstation (server)
  • Deployment solutions from stand-alone station to high availability distributed systems
  • Ready-to-use animated symbols for power systems
  • Dynamic busbar coloring
  • On-line/Off-line simulation
  • Events and alarms management
  • KPI and generic dashboard reporting tools
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